Dancing Our Stories

Programs will be based on students' completed narratives or works in progress. 

Each program will include the following components:

1)  Creative movement warmups that teach the elements of dance and give children movement tools for individual and group choreography.

2)  Discussion of individual works of student writing as a class and in small groups. 

3)  Guided movement exploration using selected concepts from the topics in the written pieces as inspiration and that demonstrate knowledge of the elements of dance as taught.

4)  Creation of whole class and/or small group and/or individual choreographic pieces using the above processes.

5)  Informal showings of student work in class and potentially slightly more formal showings for other classes and members of school community.

6)  Whole class and small group discussion touching on the students' learning in all aspects of the process. 

Tennessee English/Language Arts Standards

Tennessee Dance Curriculum Standards

Residency details will be discussed during the planning process, which includes a conference (via phone or Skype) between the artist and teachers or other school staff involved in the residency.