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 Space requirements

      Creative movement/arts integration classes are best conducted in open spaces such as multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, stages, or classrooms with furniture pushed to the sides.  However, adaptations are possible if no furniture-free spaces are available. 

     International folk dance classes require open space for movement.  Multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, stages, or classrooms with furniture pushed to the sides are all suitable.  . 

     Yoga and mindfulness classes can be held in most types of spaces, with or without furniture.  Yoga mats can be used if available, or students can simply use chairs, desks, or the floor. 


Getting ready

     Please prepare nametags for students to wear during the program.  This is a highly active and interactive experience, and things flow most smoothly when I can see the children's names and communicate individually with them. 

    Introduce the material and the program topic to your class before the residency.  The more familiarity they have with the subject matter ahead of time, the deeper we can go and the more they will learn. 

   Discuss behavior expectations.  This includes moving in personal space and being aware of the personal space of others in the room.  For safety reasons, it is important that students move with a sense of control over their bodies.  Discuss the difference between moving with control and being out of control.  At the most basic level, we are working toward self-awareness as we learn to notice our bodies and their capabilities. 

Teachers are encouraged to participate actively and learn along with their students. 


Fees: Please get in touch to discuss program fees. 

Contact: Call, email, or fill out the form below. 

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Choose from: 1. Yoga and Mindfulness (Yoga for the Classroom, Self-Care for Educators, Yoga Tools for Teachers) 2. Creative Movement and Arts Integration (Stories in Motion, Dancing Through History, Earth Dances, Dancing Our Stories, Math Moves) 3. International Folk Dance