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The Role of Movement in Education

Why use movement -- brain breaks, stretching, dance, yoga, aerobics -- in the classroom?  Why, indeed?  

The modern school day is jam-packed.  It may seem as though there is no time left for "fillers."  However, movement in education is much more than a frill.  There are solid evidence-based reasons to get kids up and moving, whether as a transition between subjects or classes, or as a means of delivering instruction and engaging children in whole-body, whole-brain learning. 

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Physical movement:

  • equalizes the learning experience for children who have difficulty focusing in a traditional classroom setting
  • enables children to work off excess physical energy,  potentially minimizing behavioral and attention issues
  • allows for brain breaks which helps kids integrate new learning and better access previously learned academic skills 
  • encourages cooperation and positive social interaction
  • helps students experience themselves as artmakers as they construct movement-based responses to learning. 
The children enjoyed the creative movement class immensely....Two parents told me they couldn’t keep their slightly feverish children home because they didn’t want to miss ‘dance class’....The children seemed to have an improved body awareness. I caught them moving ‘gracefully’ to the pencil sharpener or to their cubby holes, ‘traveling a shape’ as if they heard an inner music....The children missed their recess to attend the class. However, not one child expressed displeasure with this fact — which speaks very highly for Ms. Freed’s class! Believe me, these children usually LIVE for recess!
— Kathy Danko, third grade teacher

Find out how The Moving Classroom can energize the learning process for teachers and students alike!


 Creative Movement/Arts Integration

 Yoga and Mindfulness

International Folk Dance


All programs are correlated with and support Tennessee Academic Standards. 


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